Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bhutan Flora, Nature, Amazing Beauty, Greenery, Different Climate, National Animal, Medical Plants

Because of her geographical situation, the land of Druk Yul knows different climats. Asan effect, you’ll find a wide variety of   plants,flowers and trees here. Besides dense forestation, grazing lands, luscious green valleys, wild flowing rivers and crystal blue lakes, you also find alpine mountains with snowcapped peaks and impressive glaciers. Bhutan’s rich flora also contains over 5.500 species of vascular plants like beautiful rhododendron species, magnolias, over 600 orchid species, many medical plants, beard moss and the delightful blue poppy, Bhutan’s national flower.

It's not only Bhutan's flora that will capture your heart. It's also the kingdom's wildlife that's impressive and wildy varied with over 165 species of mammals, many of them endemic to Bhutan. It is the land of tigers, elephants, golden langurs, butterflies, water buffalos, bluey sheep, rhesus monkeys and yaks which are the pets of many Bhutanese people. The high Himalayas are the domain of the snowleopard.
The royal kingdom is also a bridwatcher’s paradise with over 620 birdspecies. Many of them are endemic to Bhutan, like the palas osprey, the black necked crane and the hornbill. The Takin is Bhutan’s national animal, being very unique and holding strong associations with myths and religious history.