Friday, December 30, 2016

Bhutnese Cheese, Delicious Taste, Flavours, Dairy Product

Country Bhutan farmers make spread and cheese partly for storage or as a preserved form of dairy for self consumption, with any excess being sold for cash. Dairy from nursing cows is boiled then seeded from a previous batch of yogurt and left to curdle. Since the following morning the rich curd is churned manually, until butter is formed. In order to avoid the butter from becoming rancid it must be washed.Bhutanese farmers may also steam the butter to form ghee, that can last much longer. The ghee can be used for cooking or maybe spooned onto rice.

{The rest of the  thin whey is then warmed to cooking which seperates  cottage like cheese called datshi.This cheese is used in one the most known  of all Bhutanese dishes Ema Datshi.